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Train Crossing

McBee Rail System

Currently there are two different trains that operate through McBee each day, a passenger train and a freight train.

When traveling SC Highway 151 you may be inconvenienced by a stalled train or non-functioning crossing arms. 

Our goal is to provide you with the information you need in order to avoid too much of a delay with either of these problems.

Crossing Arms

Occasionaly the crossing arms drop for a train and then do not raise once the train has passed. 

CautionIt is against SC law for you to navigate through the crossing arms - even though a train is not in sight.

Normally the Police Department is aware of a crossing arm malfunction.  You may contact the office at 843-335-8474 to make us aware of the situation and we will notify CSX immediately. 

An on duty officer will be dispatched to the scene of the malfunction.

Train Malfunction

If the train has stopped on the tracks and is blocking a crossing, the train is experiencing a malfunction.  There is not a set time for this to be corrected.  CSX works diligently to make the necessary repairs in order to get the train operating as quickly as possible.

When traffic is delayed due to a train malfunction, please use the following directions in order to by-pass the blocked crossing.

Hwy. 151 North Bound Detour


 Detour for Hwy 151 North Bound


Highway 151 Southbound Detour

 Highway 151 Southbound Detour