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...Safety Tips

Thanksgiving is a holiday that brings family and friends together for fellowship and lots of good food.

Keep the laughter and fun going by keeping your holiday safe.  Food poisoning, kicthen fires, and travel incidents can bring your fun holiday gathering to a disaster.

Take a few minutes and read these Thanksgiving safety tips to ensure that your Thanksgiving remains fun for all.

Food Safety

Following these food preparation and storage tips can keep your Thanksgiving meal safe from harmful bacteria:

Thawing the Turkey: There are three safe ways to thaw your turkey for Thanksgiving, it can take up to five days to thaw a 20lb turkey, so plan ahead and follow these thawing safety tips

Cooking the Turkey: From roasting to deep frying, there are many alternate ways to get your turkey to the table. Each cooking method requires you to be diligent in making sure your bird has been cooked to the correct inner temperature.  Read these basic cooking tips and then select the method you are planning to use to cook your turkey.

A popular method of cooking a turkey is the deep fat frying method.  While this is a delicious alternative to the roasted turkey, it can lead to a disaster if safety is not followed.  Exploding turkeys are never a good thing.  Before you deep fry your turkey, check out these safety tips to ensure a safe experience.

Time to Eat! We all enjoy gathering at the table to share our Thanksgving feast with family and friends.  As we set the food out on tables and counters, we should follow buffet safety tips to ensure that our food does not acquire any food borne bacteria from sitting out too long.  

Leftovers galore, "Oh My"! We are stuffed and our family and friends have said their goodbyes, now to tackle all those leftovers.  Here are some safety tips to help you enjoy those leftovers safely.


Kitchen Fires

Ranking 5th (yes 5th) in the nation with the most grease and cooking related claims for Thanksgiving Day, we urge you to follow all safety precautions when frying your turkey and cooking your feast.  More fire claims are reported on Thanksgiving Day than any other day of the year.  

You are humming right along in the kitchen getting ready for the Thanksgiving feast.  Company begins to arrive and you take a moment to greet and visit.  Then FIRE! is heard from the kitchen and your gathering has now become a disaster.  Unattended cooking is the leading cause for kitchen firest.  Don't let a fire ruin your Thanksgiving, follow these simple safety tips to have a disaster free feast.

Deep frying your turkey has become a favority nationwide.  Here is a great resource for safely frying your turkey, with a video on "how not to fry your turkey": Thanksgiving Safety Tips


Traveling Safely

Whether you are traveling across town or across country, plan ahead and arrive safely to your destination. Use these travel safety tips in planning for a safe arrival.