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Waste Connections is the residential solid waste service for the Town McBee. If you have any questions or concerns about your service you can contact the Clerk at the Town Hall at 843-335-8474.

Roll carts are to be placed curbside on Thursday evening for early Friday morning pickup. Please remove your roll carts from curbside by Friday evening.

To receive an additional roll cart or to report a damaged or missing roll cart, call the Clerk at the Town Hall during normal business hours.Roll carts will be picked up by Waste Connections when it is determined that the cart is damaged beyond use. You must report that your cart has been taken so that personnel from our Maintenance Department can deliver you a new roll cart.

Holiday Schedule
Observed annual holidays for Waste Connections include: New Years Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Collection will be pushed up one day following the holiday (Saturday).

Currently the Town of McBee does not offer curbside pickup of recyclable items. Residents are encouraged to recycle by taking items to one of the Chesterfield County local recycling centers.