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Financial Reports/Audits

Annual Financial Reports

The Town Administrator annually prepares financial reports summarizing the Town's activities of the fiscal year.  South Carolina law requires that the basic financial statements, as defined by generally accepted accounting principles, be audited and that an independent auditor issues a report on them.  In addition, the Town of McBee's independent auditor prepares reports on internal control over financial reporting in accordance with Government Auditing Standards.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR)

The CAFR goes beyond the basic financial statements and encompasses all funds, account groups and any component units of the Town of McBee.  The CAFR is comprised of three sections - introductory, financial, compliance:

  • The introductory section, which is unaudited, is the letter of the "Independent Auditor"
  • The financial section, the core of the CAFR, includes the basic financial statements as well as the independent auditor's report on them.  
  • The compliance section details the findings of compliance and internal control.

Recent Town of McBee CAFRs

The CAFRs listed below are presented for archival purposes only.  They reflect information at the time they were prepared and only for the period indicated.  Readers are cautioned that the financial condition of the Town of McBee will have changed, perhaps materially, from that presented in these reports.  Those seeking more recent, or additional, financial information should call the Town Administrator at 843-335-8474.


CAFR - June 2018