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...Safety Tips

 From shopping, decorating, coooking, parties and family fun; the Christmas Holiday Season can be the most "dangerous time" of the year.

Follow these safety tips to help you and your family have the most "wonderful time" of the year.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shopping

Let the Shopping Begin!

Who knew shopping could be so dangerous.

Here is a resource that will help you stay safe during this major holiday shopping spree.  The article gives covers: 

  • Lock everything
  • Secure Valuables
  • Control your social status
  • Leave your light on
  • Activate your alarm system

If you are planning to shop online, be sure to follow their tips on cyber security.

These safety tips are provided by Sadie Cornelius at A Secure Life.


Let's "Deck the Halls" and stay safe while we decorate.

Did you know that there are approximately 250 injuries a day during this holiday season, with decorating being the prime reason?  From hanging lights on the house, pulling those boxes from storage, to putting the tree topper ornament on the tree, contribute toward the most injuries of the season.

Use this Holiday Decorating Safety Tips guide to help prevent decorating disasters this holiday season. 

                                                    Ladder Safety              Holiday Fires                   

                                                      Ladder Safety                                   Holiday Fires 



                                                            Candle Safety

                                                                                Candle Safety



Here is a video that shows how quickly a Christmas tree can catch on fire when not properly kept watered.


Fire Safety through the holidays.