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Chapter 5

Council Procedures

The Town of McBee Council follows the guidelines as set forth in the Administration Town Ordinance Article II. Meetings of Council. 

SC Code of Laws Chapter 5 Section 7 speaks about the authority of the Town Council.

Regular Meetings

The Council, after public notice, shall meet once in every month on the first Tuesday of the month, unless otherwise posted.  

Special Meetings

On occasion a "Special Meeting" may be held on the call of the mayor or of a majority of the members.

Emergency Meetings

To meet public emergencies affecting life, health, safety or the property of the people, council may adopt emergency ordinances.  Every emergency ordinance shall be enacted by the affirmative vote of a least two-thirds of the members of council present.  An emergency ordinance is effective immediately upon its enactment without regard to any reading, public hearing, publication requirements, or public notice requirements.  Emergency ordinances shall expire automatically as of the sixty-first day following the date of enactment. (Section 5-7-250-d)

Executive Session

Executive Sessions are confidential among the parties who actually attend the executive session (typically council, attorney, administrator, clerk and any other people deemed appropriate by the attorney and council). No one should divulge information discussed in an executive session to any member of the public, media, etc.

The state of South Carolina does not require that minutes be kept during an Executive Session.



The following are items you may routinely see on a Council Agenda:

  • Bid Awards
  • Budget
  • Budget Adjustments / Budget Appropriations
  • Contract Awards
  • Contracts / Agreements
  • Grant Approvals
  • Land Annexation / Abandonment
  • Minutes Approval
  • Policies
  • Proclamations
  • Procurement
  • Resolutions