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Chapter 3

Town Government

The State of South Carolina authorized the The Town of McBee to become a municipal corporation in 1901. Governed by a "Council" form of government as provided by the South Carolina Code of Laws, the powers and authority of the Town government are spelled out in state law, and the Town government may do no more than is authorized by that body of law.

Under the "Council" form of administration, the citizens of McBee elect a five (5) member Town Council, including the Mayor.  Elections are held in even-numbered years and terms are staggered so that voters fill two or three seats every two years, even numbered years only.

The elected town council creates a vision for the community by setting the policies, goals, and direction of the government, including adopting necessary laws (ordinances).  The council also directly appoints three staff members: the Town Attorney, the Town Clerk, and the Town Administrator.

The Town Administrator implements council's policies and oversees all Town departments.  The Administrator advises the council on all issues, works with council on the proposed annual Town budget, and coordinates the work of all municipal staff not appointed by council.  The Town's professional staff develops and implements projects, programs, and services in support of council's goals and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Town.


Currently the Town of McBee operates four (4) departments:

  • Town Administrator / Town Clerk
  • Water Department
  • Police Department
  • Maintenance Department

All employees are a part of the Town's pay plan, are hired through a set hiring process and work under the Town Administrator. 

Learn more about each Town Department.