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Chapter 1

Town of McBee Contact Information

The McBee Town Hall is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Always feel free to contact the Administrator's office (843-335-5603) or the Clerk's office (843-335-8474) about any questions you have.  Below you will find contact information for key Town staff as well as current council members.

Please remember that once you are sworn in as an elected official, all emails that you send and receive that pertain to Town of McBee business are considered public records.  



Term Expiration

Email Contact Numbers
John Campolong
PO Box 158
McBee, SC 29101
October 2016 843-335-8234
Marilyn Fields
174 E. Pine Ave.
McBee, SC 29101
October 2016 843-335-8404
A C (Kemp) McLeod
PO Box 439
McBee, SC 29101
October 2018 843-335-8335
Marion (Macey) Stephens
404 S. 2nd. Street
McBee, SC 29101
October 2018 843-335-6652
Charlie Sutton
PO Box 46
McBee, SC 29101
October 2016
N/A 843-622-4657


Town Staff Contacts

Mailing address for all staff:

McBee Town Hall
PO Box 248
McBee, SC 29101
Physical Address:
38 W. Juniper Ave.
McBee, SC 29101
Operational Issues:
Terri King (appointed by Council)
E-mail: Town Administrator
Phone:  843-335-5603
Fax:     843-335-5163
Legal Issues:
Martin Driggers (appointed by Council)
Town Attorney
Phone:  843-335-8474
Fax:     843-335-5163
Administrative Issues / Utility Issues
Latondra Johnson (appointed by Council)
Interim Town Clerk
E-mail: Town Clerk
Phone:  843-335-8474
Fax:     843-335-5163
Recreation Department Issues
Shilon Green (appointed by Council)
Recreation Director
E-mail: Recreation Director
Phone:  843-335-8474
Fax:     843-335-5163